The concept of air conditioning traces its root to ancient Rome. Over the 19th century, this unique concept of cooling was developed by different scientists and finally we got the modern day machine. Air conditioners find application in various sectors like research laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, nuclear power units and so on. Besides necessity, we also use these humidity control machines for comfort in our homes and work places. A regular air conditioner consists of an evaporator coil which condenses the water vapor present in the air and drains it out, thus reducing the humidity of the room.

Different types of air conditioners

The most common types are:

Window Air conditioner: In this type of system, the various components like condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, etc., are present in a single box. The enclosed unit is generally fitted in a window sill or in a slot carved in any of the walls inside the room. This type is extensively used for small rooms.

Split Air Conditioner: This type of air conditioning system is new as compared to the window system. Split air conditioner comprises of one indoor and one outdoor unit. Like the names suggest, the outdoor unit is placed outside the room and the indoor unit is set inside. The outdoor unit consists of the compressor, valve and condenser where as the indoor unit includes the evaporator and cooling fan. This type of air conditioner is used in case of large rooms or for cooling more than one small room simultaneously.

Apart from window and split air conditioners, packaged air conditioners are also available. The packaged units are used to lower the humidity of a large area or multiple rooms. The latest development in the air conditioning industry is the introduction of portable machines. With so many different options available, one is sure to become spoiled for choice. However, one must purchase an air conditioner keeping in mind the size of the space where it will be put to use.

Keep your Air Conditioning Unit Clean for an Effective Service

As the summers approach, you similar to most people around the world must be convinced about purchasing an Air conditioning unit – one of the greatest innovations of time. Well, purchasing an air conditioner, be it the central conditioning systems or the usual one though might seem to be an easier task involve the greatest aspect of maintaining it to the best. Usually, people investing on central air conditioners do not offer much thought to the operation of the cooling system until it stops performing to the best.

Now, when it comes to maintaining a central air conditioner at its best, the filter tends to be in top priority. The filter being prone to catching impurities often restricts airflow, as it gets dirtier. If in any case, this happens with your air conditioning unit then, you are likely to face greater electricity bills enhancing the chance of repairs being costly. This higher bills and costly repairs can singly be owed to the pressuring work of the compressor that tends to run high with the airflow being restricted through the dirty filter.

Keeping the cycle in mind, you need to ensure that you keep your system clean and dirt-free to enhancing the life and proper conditioning of your system. Furthermore, a number of service companies also offer a regular maintenance program. To keep your system running in good condition, it is essential that you get your system checked with professional technician from avoiding any operating problems. A semi-annual service is always recommended for keeping your air conditioning unit always clean.